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Moss Walls

Moss Walls became very popular among solutions for sustainable greenery indoor purposes. The rising popularity, especially in the architecture field raises the demand in the market for moss walls. As BD Vertical Gardens, supporting the industry with our biophilic designs, creating value in the art of nature, and bringing it to your spaces.

Touch of Nature in Your Spaces

Moss Walls Will…

1. Reduces the stress in your spaces

2. Increases productivity

3. Increases air quality

4. Increases learning ability

5. Creates enjoying working/livingspaces

Preserved Moss products of BD Vertical Garden are carefully collected from special forests that have high oxygen levels. Before preserving dry moss, our special mosses came to our BD Moss Factory,

How to Preserve Moss?

After we delivered our dry moss, we clean all the other forest materials on the surface of the dry moss and cut our dry mosses in a certain shape to keep perfect convenience to apply our mosses.

After cleaning ends, all the dry moss is sprayed with insect protection, to keep small friends away from our high-quality preserved moss.

After, tests for insect protectiveness our dry moss is ready to be preserved,

With our automated spraying systems, all the dry moss went into the multilayer preserving process.

All the materials we use for preserving moss have natural components.

• Texture softening

• Coloring

• Texture Stabilizing

• Color Stabilizing

• Perfuming

• Perfume Stabilizing

• Drying

• Quality Control

• Boxing


 Hypoallergenic

 Indoor Use Only

 Maintenance Free

 10 Years of Lifetime*

 Antibacterial

 Sustainable

 Toxic-Free

 5 Years of Full Guarantee

How to Expand the Lifetime of Your Moss Walls

Even though BD Vertical Gardens, Moss Walls have 10 years* of a lifetime without maintenance, there are some points we need to carry to keep our moss walls beautiful and natural.

1. Preserved Moss Walls Should be Away from Any Liquid Contact. (Water, Perfume, Alcohol, Bleach, etc.)

2. Preserved Moss Walls Should be Away from Long Term Direct Sunlight. (Over 4 Hours of Direct Sun)

3. Preserved Moss Walls Should be Away from Physical Contact. (We can touch our Moss Walls but shouldn’t tear it up or plugged)

4. Preserved Moss Walls Should be in Room Temperature and Humidity. (Extreme humidity or temperature will cause corruptions on the Preserved Moss Walls)

If you have suspicions of any of these specifications are not applied, you can get our renewing spray, to return your Preserved Moss Wall to its first-day look, color, and from.

For more information, please contact with us.

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