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# How Preserved Moss Changing the Interior Decorations

Preserved moss can be found in many interior spaces. It is often used to change the look of an area without needing a lot of work. When moss is used as an additive, it can be added to areas that need a little bit of help but are still nice to the eye. Reindeer moss is one moss that can be used to add subtle changes to the look of your living room.

Remember, moss is not a shiny, polished substance, so it will not hide all the details of the room. However, it will give your room a little more of a matte feel to it.

Freshly harvested moss can have a slightly yellowish tinge and some dust may be visible but this will fade as the moss dries. When the moss dries it looks like soft, silky velvet to the touch. Then preserving part begins, you need a glycerin-based solution. The dried moss will perish over time but with preserved moss, it will last up to 7 years of a lifetime! Unless contact with direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, the moss will be fine!

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