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Moss Frames

Moss boards are various moss and mummified plants applied over a frame or logo. Since the moss and plants used are mummified, they do not require any maintenance (watering, fertilizing, sun exposure, etc.). Moss paintings that can be produced in any size you want will reflect naturalness and elegance on your walls. 

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Features of Moss Tables

Your moss tables are specially prepared for you using high quality moss and mummified plants. Moss tables do not require any maintenance and retain their shape, color, and texture from the day they arrived.

Algae tables also provide sound and heat insulation and reduce the risk of airborne diseases.


Where Are Moss Tables Used?

You can hang your moss paintings anywhere there is a wall, or you can use them leaning without hanging them. You can easily use moss tables that do not have a specific area of use or special needs.

Moss panels, which are green designs that will open the eyes of the beholders in your room, office or cafe, can be used wherever you want.

For more information about our moss panels, you can call us now or send us an e-mail about the dimensions and design you want.

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