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Bunny Moss is a ball shape moss kind it is easy to use and light. This taking its name from the bunny fur like texture. With its beautiful dark green color, you will expand the natural look on your projects.

Preserved Forest Mosses are mummified with glycerin based all organic components. Secret formula of Wall & Moss keeps bugs away from your natural green walls also forest moss keeps its color and soft texture up to 7 years.

Bunny Moss

Color: Light Blue
  • Technical Details and Maintenance of the Product

    • Products should store between 822 Celsius Degrees.
    • Products should keep away from any liquid except Refreshing Elixir or Refreshing Perfume.
    • Products should keep away from any direct sunlight.
    • Products does not require any maintenance
    • Products does not allow any bugs or microorganism to live or breed inside.
    • Products should be ventilated after implementation for 710 days.


    Implementation can be easily done by glue

    Delivery & Transfer

    Products store in cardboard boxes, transfers can be arranged by Wall&Moss or by the customer.

    Exclusive indoor use / Do not water / Do not expose to sunlight / Keep away from heat sources                                                                                      

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