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Preserved Flatt Moss Product Info

Flatt Moss is the most general moss kind that could be grow almost every forest on the world. Nice short-furred texture with emerald color. Flatt Mosses are the most-common moss on the green wall and moss art market.

Flatt Moss

Color: Pink
  • This cost-effective and beautiful moss will decorate your imagination.

    Preserved Forest Mosses are mummified with glycerin based all organic components. Secret formula of Wall & Moss keeps bugs away from your natural green walls also forest moss keeps its color and soft texture up to 7 years.

    Technical Details and Maintenance of the Product

    • Products should store between 822 Celsius Degree.
    • Products should keep away from any liquid except Refreshing Elixir or Refreshing Perfume.
    • Products should keep away from any direct sunlight.
    • Products does not require any maintenance
    • Products does not allow any bugs or microorganism to live or breed inside.
    • Products should be ventilated after implementation for 710 days.


    Implementation can be easily done by glue

    Delivery & Transfer

    Products store in cardboard boxes, transfers can be arranged by Wall&Moss or by the customer.

    Exclusive indoor use / Do not water / Do not expose to sunlight / Keep away from heat sources                                                                                     



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